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Name:Get Slizzered | Crack Comm
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You wake up and the first thing you see is a clear, blue sky.

Is that you normally see when you wake up? What you should see? So you blink a few times. Maybe it's all a dream, but the breeze that's whipping through and touching your skin feels too real to really think so. Where are you? If you turn your head, you'll see a long street, houses lined up, looking oh so symmetrical and similar. Green yards each with one tree and one car in the drive way. They're all convertibles, they're all four-seaters, they're all red. Each lawn comes complete with two Adirondack chairs, white, right in the center of the yard. That's what you're on, actually. Good thing you finally noticed.

Now that you've gotten that all cleared up, what is that you've got in your hand? Bet you didn't notice that either, huh? You lift the object up to your eye level and notice that it's a ring of keys. A few of them are old fashioned, rusted but still a shiny brass colour. One of them, though, looks more like a normal house key. Instead of a logo on it's surface, however, there is a number. Your number. Or, more accurately, your house number.

Your house, you ask?

Why of course. You live here now, after all. These chairs, this lawn, that car are all yours.

But how when none of this was yours before you fell asleep? There's one more thing on your set of keys if you'd bother to look at it. A fat, rubbery plastic key chain. It's black on one side, so flip it over. On it is a little flowery symbol, bright red, and curling script which reads:

Holly Heights
Your New Home Away From Home

We know this isn't what we're used to. Learn to live with it, though. This is paradise. You're safe here.

And on the bright side, you even have a pool.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

You now live in Holly Heights, premier gated community, located where? No one knows. Just that once the gates close, they aren't going to open anytime soon.

Holly Heights is a panfandom roleplay focusing on the simpler things in life. Rainstorms, street fairs, family outings. The only danger to you here is the possibility of a neighbourhood tussle or a minor fender bender going to the old grind stone. School dances and parades are more common here than murders and thefts. Kick back and relax. You don't have to pay your landlord with anything but your presence in his beautiful town. No rent and only the occasional unexpected drop in. He wants everyone to be comfortable. He doesn't want you to leave.

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